Super Burning Wins

Feeling fruity? Fancy playing a traditional fruit slot and finding out exactly why they are so loved by slot aficionados? Try Super Burning Wins at Slot Games! This fun slot from the creatives at Playson shows exactly how and why old classic slot formats should be updated ready for 21st century tastes.

The Design

Long gone are the days of cartoons. Super Burning Wins features mouth-watering redesigns of the symbols made famous on the slot machines of old. With oranges, lemons, cherries and plums on offer, it’s enough to make anyone hungry for more. Playson have also included other iconic symbols from the height of the fruit machine’s fame. Keep your eyes peeled for the cross (which will still thankfully grant you a win!), those lucrative golden bars, the bells ready to ring with your win, and – of course – the cluster of red sevens instantly recognisable from slot machines everywhere.

How to Play

The beauty of the classics lies in their simplicity to master. Many other modern slot games have a grand parade of extras and hidden controls but a stylish modernisation like Super Burning Wins is clean and easy and this is reflected in the layout.

The reels are made up of the standard 3x3 formation seen across other timeless games. To play, all you need to do is press the large green and gold spin button and the foot of the game screen and see if you land a win!

Wins are composed of 3 or more matching symbols along any of the 5 paylines. These paylines and how much each symbol is worth can be found by pressing the information button in the bottom-left corner.

To place your wager, all the information you need is right in the centre of the bottom of the screen. Adjust your bet using the arrow keys beside the Bet panel until you have a value you are satisfied with. This can be anywhere between 10p to £100. If you are also feeling daring, you can quickly jump up to the max bet by pressing the Max Bet button right beside the Spin.

The game also features an autoplay function perfect for anyone seeking more a thrill than a standard spin-by-spin game has to offer. With choices between 5 and a staggering 999 autoplays, you are sure to find the level you are most comfortable with. There are also built-in safety-stops for those who still want to hold some control over the autospin. These are cancellations at a win and loss limit you impose; no doubt tremendously helpful for anyone who wishes to stay well within their betting budget.

Game Features

Although Super Burning Wins is an update on the classic slot, that does not mean it hasn’t got any fun bonuses. If you land 9 matching fruit symbols, your win is doubled! This fantastic feature is sure to have you rake in a killer win at some point during your play.

It may not have the fancy minigames many expect from video slots, but that doesn’t mean Super Burning Wins is any less fun to play. Anybody looking to get in touch with and experience an updated take on an old favourite is bound to enjoy themselves here.

Game Stats
Paylines 5
Min. Bet £0.10
Max. Bet £100
Bonus Round 2x Multiplier