Reel Talent

Ain’t no business like show business! If you are wanting to step on the stage and try to hit the big-time, we can think of no better way to do it than with Reel Talent. Developed by the creatives at Just For The Win, you can give one of the most exciting slots we've seen in a long time a go now at Slot Games .


Who doesn’t love the majesty of a stage? That is why Just For The Win has selected this impressive venue as the host for the game’s reels. The 5*3 layout rests comfortably on the wooden stage where legends have been born and dreams are made. To the left, there is the Symbol Stack which forms a key role in the game’s bonus feature.

The symbols can easily be divided into four pairs; with one high-worth and one low-worth symbol apiece. There is a singing lion with his microphone, a guitar-playing wolf with his beloved instrument, a fire-breathing crocodile with the torch so crucial to his act, and a rabbit who specialises in card tricks complete with his signature deck.

The highest paying symbol in the game is the Reel Talent logo and there is also a glittering gold Wild sure to help you nab some extra wins.

How to Play

Just For The Win likes to make sure their games are easy for everyone to play. That is why they place all the controls you need to the right of the reels. The bet controls can be found by clicking the button which looks like a poker chip. You have a choice between either a manual spin button or some autospin options. In the top right corner, you can find the menu which has some settings and the game’s paytable.

Game Features

The bonus feature in Reel Talent is one of the most innovative we have seen in a while. Unlike the free spins we see in most other slot games, Just For The Win has developed a Superspin bonus. Any time you earn a win, the symbol it used will jump across to the Symbol Stack on the left and you will earn a respin.

If you don’t collect 3 symbols for the Stack within the respins, it will reset and you will go back to the regular spins. If you do manage to grab 3 symbols in the Stack, you get a Superspin!

The three symbols for the Stack will completely fill the reels and you have one spin to try to land as large a win as you can! Obviously, if you manage to grab 3 of the same symbols, you are looking at 5 reels of the same symbol for the Superspin and this is going to be guaranteed mega win!

We think it is a fantastic feature which everyone needs to try for themselves. This is not the first time that Just For The Win has come up with an innovative bonus for their slots and we are intrigued to see the other games the Superspin will be appearing in.

Overall, this slot is tremendous fun. The graphics and animations are superb and we are certain that all players will have a great time getting to grips with this slot. Find out if you have the Reel Talent today!

Game Stats
Paylines 20
Min. Bet £0.10
Max. Bet £100
Bonus Round Superspins