Get ready for the classiest of nights out with Masquerade! If you've been searching for the perfect party to whirl your slots at, Red Tiger has thrown together this terrific bash and are hosting it at Slot Games now!


Red Tiger are one of the best known creators of online slots and they know how to throw together a visually impressive party - this is certainly what they've done for Masquerade. There is a timeless air to this game in the pavilion beneath the night sky. Everything is wonderfully detailed from the columns flanking the reels to the symbols themselves. We particularly loved the way you could hear the party patrons talking while the reels were still only for cheerful music to strike up as you begin to spin.

The symbols have been split quite neatly into higher paying and lower paying symbols. Lower paying symbols are stylish incarnations of faces everyone will know well; the A, K, Q, J, and 10 symbols. Higher paying symbols are represented by a few items often seen at such a party; a gold signet ring, a black top hat, and a treasured pocket watch.

The game’s highest paying symbol is the face of a beautiful masked woman while the bonus scatter used for the features is a gorgeous gold mask.

How to Play

This slot is very easy to play; therefore making it perfect for anyone making their grand debut or someone searching for a quieter evening out. Your bet is controlled using the plus or minus keys in the bottom left corner of the reels. The autospin can also be found right beside it if you wish to play multiple rounds in one click.

On the right, you can find the manual spin if you would rather turn the reels one at a time. Beside this is the turbo spin to make the reels turn even faster and then there is the paytable where you can find more information about the game.

Game Features

The golden mask of Masquerade can activate one of three special features, all of which carry the hope of an amazing prize. The first feature sees masks dropping onto the reels and beginning to spin. These masks will eventually reveal some matching symbols. Either on their own or together with symbols on the board, they have the potential to grab you a great win.

The second feature will see the masks randomly duplicate and spread over the reels before revealing their symbol. With these providing plenty of matching symbols at multiple points of the reels, both a high or a low symbol is going to net you an impressive win here.

Finally, a giant mask may choose to fall on the centre reels at any point during play. This giant symbol is a guaranteed win and is sure to reel in a brilliant prize no matter what it reveals underneath.

Masquerade is one game which promises grandeur and then delivers. From the beautiful stylings of the reels to the clever game mechanics, we think this is an amazing slot which everyone should play some reels on. Whether you are looking for the perfect escape for a glamourous evening or just searching for a slot with some unique twists and ways to win, this game has something to offer you.

Game Stats
Paylines 20
Min. Bet £0.20
Max. Bet £100
Bonus Round Duplicating Substitutions, Giant Symbols