5 Ninjas

If you dream of donning a ninja suit and slinking through the night to a big win, Eyecon has the perfect game for you! Come play 5 Ninjas now at Slot Games!


One of the best things about this game is the incredible cartoon vibes Eyecon has chosen for the animation style. It gives it a much-needed touch of whimsy which we are sure everyone is going to love as much as we did (if you're already convinced, find this games and similar slots here).

Lower paying symbols are tools and weapons which every good Ninja should be able to use in a flash. They are some throwing knives, a sword, a nun chuck, and some daggers. The higher paying symbols are all the Ninjas of the game’s name. There are, of course, 5 of them in green, blue, purple, red, and cyan.

The Wild scatter is a red bomb and there are two win scatters; a coin and the evil Black Ninja.

How to Play

This game is super easy to play and is made even easier with the inclusion of a tutorial to show you the ropes when you start the game. While a massive help to any player, we imagine that those who have chosen this game as their very first will find this tutorial incredibly helpful.

If you want to know more about the game, you should definitely head for the paytable on the very left. This has more information about all of the symbols and the special features.

To play, you first need to set your ideal bet using the bet controls. You can also select how many of the paylines you wish to bet on, all the way up to the 25 present in the game. Then all that is left to do is hit the spin or chose one of the options in the autoplay controls!

Game Features

This game has three amazing features which we are certain you are going to love. The first can occur on any random turn and that is the instant wins! Simply land 3 of the coin scatters on your reels to kick things off! All you then need to do is pick 3 of the offered ninjas. Each one will reveal a multiplier and the total of those will be multiplied by your initial bet to give you a brilliant final win.

The second special feature is some amazing free spins, accessible whenever you land 3 Black Ninja scatters on the reels. You will get 10 free spins which you will use to beat back the minions of the Black Ninja as he attempts to invade the dojo. For every 10 you defeat, you will get more spins and maybe more wins.

Finally, you may have noticed that you will occasionally land special symbols which match the reels. When this happens, you have 5 turns to land the symbols in the other reels to unlock the Secret Ninja round! If you manage to free all 5 of our Ninja friends here, you will win up to 200x your initial bet!

We think 5 Ninjas is a fantastic game and we are certain you are going to love it too. Give it a whirl today!

Game Stats
Paylines 25
Min. Bet £0.01
Max. Bet £12.50
Bonus Round Instant Wins, Free Spins