Archangels: Salvation

The slot game Archangels Salvation by NetEnt gives you many chances to win brilliant cash prizes and enjoy free spins and more. Play to see what you can win today!

Join in on the fun and play the slot game Archangels Salvation by the gaming provider NetEnt. This slot is full of entertainment, fun graphics which show a dive into heaven and hell theme as well as up to 25 free spins and more. In Archangels Salvation, you can be in for the chance to win amazing cash prizes with each spin.  Play this slot today at Slot Games and see what you could win today.


Archangels Salvation has a heaven and hell theme with the graphics and images used as you play this slot game. The theme can be seen in the background and on the reel with each spin. In the background, you will see the hell side and heaven side in the game, for instance, the heaven side is the blue side with the woman with the wings and the hell side is red with the man standing in front of lava, the colours used in the background of this slot make the symbols stand out as the reel sits between both the blue and red side of the slot game.

The symbols in Archangels Salvation match the overall theme of the game with the colours used. The symbols include the man and the woman on both sides of the reel as well as the blue helmet, blue lion, the red symbol with horns and the red skull. These are the symbols with a high amount in this game whereas the diamond, heart, club and spade are the low paying symbols in this slot.

The bonus symbols appear on the reel and as you play, these symbols can give you the chance to unlock a bonus round if you spin more than 3 onto the reel! Just keep your eye out for the S symbols as well as the Wild lions.

How to Play

Archangels Salvation is simple to play, especially if you have played slot games before. When you play this slot game, pick an amount you want to bet and then click the spin button. However, if you are unsure how to play slot games, you can find out more information for example, how to play when you read over the instructions. By reading over the instructions, you can have a better understanding of the game, what the symbols are and how many paylines there is in the game.

After reading instructions, you can place bets in this slot, to place bets by clicking on the betting button and choose the amount, or by clicking the ‘+’or ‘-‘ arrows – you can change the amount you want to bet at any point by clicking on these buttons.

Game Features

Archangels Salvation gives players many chances to win, especially with the bonus features included in this slot game. The bonus features include; wild symbols, free spins as well as much more. The wild symbols in this slot substitute for symbols apart from scatters. 25 free spins can be activated depending on how many scatters you land on the reels. Another feature in this game is the heaven and hell features which are activated when wild 2x2 symbols land and then stacked wilds will be generated.

The slot game Archangels Salvation is a fun and exciting slot by the gaming provider NetEnt and we think everyone should try it. Take a spin today to see what Heaven and Hell have in store for you today.

Game Stats
Paylines 100
Min. Bet £0.01
Max. Bet £200
Bonus Round Free Spins, Wild Symbols