Amulet and the Charm Power Bet

Amulet Charm SlotIf you are a lover of all things fantasy, you are bound to become spellbound by The Amulet and the Charm Power Bet. This mystical slot comes from the developers at High 5 Games and is available for you to try now at Slot Games!


Fantasy slot games usually come with some impressive graphics and The Amulet and The Charm is no exception. From the beauty of each of the symbols on the reels to the stormy skies of the background, there is plenty to look at. The added bonus of the tiny animations which come around during a win truly help to make this an even greater game.

High 5 Games has included many different symbols to make this game even better. The lower paying ones are a dragon, a bird, an A, and a K. There are also some brilliant mid-range symbols which we don’t often see in slot games. In this case, they are the green Amulet and the red Charm of the game’s title. The highest paying symbols are the knight, the sorceress, the princess, and the prince.

There are also free spin scatters and Wilds to keep an eye out for.

How to Play

One of our favourite things about The Amulet and The Charm is how easy it is to play. The first thing you should do is select which bet value you want to play with. This can be done using the arrow keys at the bottom of the reels. When you have a bet you are happy with, just press the spin to see what might come your way! No matter whether this is your first slot or just the latest in a very long time, you are going to find this an easy slot to master.

If you would like a little more information about the value of the symbols or something else to do with the game, you should investigate the paytable. This can be found by clicking the plus symbol in the top right corner of the screen.

Game Features

Many slot games come with a few bonus features to enliven their players’ games and we like what The Amulet and The Charm has to offer us. The first feature worth mentioning is the Power Bets. If you click the symbol to the left of the reels, you will be given the option to bet 30x your bet value for 30 spins with the increased chance of a win. This is done by selecting either the Amulet or the Charm; the Amulet will grant you more scatters while the Charm gives bigger values for the scatters.

These bigger scatters can also be found on the reels in any random turn. They might be just what you need to turn a good win into a great one.

Finally, this slot also features some amazing free spins. Just land three of the free games scatters on the reels and sit back to enjoy your free spins.

The Amulet and The Charm Power Bet is a brilliant game with the opportunity for lots of fun. If you love seeing what fantasy slots have to offer, you should definitely add this to your list to try.

Game Stats
Paylines 40
Min. Bet 0.80
Max. Bet 400
Bonus Round Free Spins, Power Bet Mode